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It's never too late to become your true self.

How It Works

Whether you’re recovering from injury or illness, or are frustrated with the limitations of aging, my custom programs target your specific challenges and goals.

I offer a tailored program of bodywork, coaching, supportive technology, movement, and self-care secrets to guide you to the results you want, in a time-frame you can rely on. Together, we establish a new relationship between your body and your thoughts, emotions, and sense of self. You’ll discover a whole new joy in living!

You receive:

  • A start-point assessment to determine your goals and needs
  • Bodywork sessions to move toward freedom
  • Movement and self-care techniques to support your journey
  • Guided relaxation to rejuvenate your relationship with your body
  • NASA-linked technology for better blood flow and immunity

One of my full-service programs is sure to bring back the spring in your step and the sparkle in your eyes — which is exactly perfect for you?

Your recovery program targets specific challenges and goals you have and supports you in recovering your health. To regain and maintain wellness, we unravel your unique compensation pattern layer by layer, until you’re back to normal — or better!

Your regenerating program starts you moving easier, having more energy, thinking more clearly – and enjoying life again! “Older” doesn’t have to mean losing your ability to have a fulfilling, joyous life. Reset your relationship with your body and tune up your life from the inside out and from top to bottom.

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