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 Hands-On Hiatus But Energetics Continue
In the hope of minimizing the spread of illness I will not be offering any hands-on work until we can be assured the danger of contagion is past.
I am still offering distance energetic work in both Reiki and Ortho-Bionomy® in the interim.
If you would like to support me at this time, may I suggest a gift certificate you can redeem when it's safe to work together again? 
Call or text 707-296-1070 or
email me for more information.


Floating Lotus – Reset Your Health, Reclaim Your Life! 

  • Frustrated with how aging is changing your body and your lifestyle?
  • Had an injury, surgery, illness or body trauma that makes "getting back to normal" difficult?
  • Tired of temporary fixes that only last a little while?
  • Want a solution that targets the cause, not just the symptom?

My gentle but deeply effective programs help you get back in touch with your body and reset your baseline health. Wellness isn't just a healthy body, but balance for our mind, emotions, and spirit as well. Your personal Floating Lotus program guides you into a healthy and vibrant future.

My work has grown from a lifetime of physical, mental, and spiritual exploration. I’ve been a daughter and mother, student and teacher, a dancer, a seeker, a traveler, a reader, and now a bodyworker.  At Floating Lotus, I help you find your own strength and center on every level. When we align our bodies with our being, we find joy in the moment, strength to meet challenges, and satisfaction in our accomplishments.

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